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Northern Ireland's premier agency is always looking for new modelling talent. Check our FB to see if we are running any model competitions or follow the procedure below.

If you are female and 5'7" (1.71m) upwards or male and 5'11" (1.8m) upwards, and think you have the dedication, determination and the "look" to be a model then e-mail the following to putting 'APPLICATION' in the subject line:

Please send us:




Females: Bust /Waist/Hips

Males: Collar/Chest/Waist

At least three photos  as per the example below (scroll down to see example) :

  • Clear snapshots (NOT professional shots) taken in natural daylight - NO FILTERS.

  • At least two headshots, one full length.

  • Wear as little make-up as possible - preferably none & your hair off your face so we can see it clearly.

  • Full length shot for females should be in a bikini or underwear - or if you are uncomfortable in such attire, wear a vest top & leggings. Males - jeans & bare chested.

  • Do NOT send school formal photos, photos with effects/photoshopped.

  • Do not waste time getting professional photos taken - if successful, we will organize this for you!


  • If you are applying on behalf of a child - please note - we only accept applications from age 3 upwards. Simply send us clear, natural smiley snapshots of your child - no filters, hats, shades or make-up. 


If Style Academy agrees to represent you, we will promote you to our extensive range of clients, feature you on our website, social media platforms and negotiate fees on your behalf.

If we think you have the potential to work nationally or internationally, we will arrange for you to see the national/international agencies with whom we have good working relationships.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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male polaroid sample.jpg
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